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Barcode & QR Code Solutions

If you’re searching to implement a barcode or QR code system for your warehouse, hypermarket, retail store, and hospitals. Webgion E-Commerce Solutions offers an outstanding barcode/QR code solution. Our organization integrates with software and hardware. Our hardware and software makes things easier, such as warehouse processes and also offers real-time data that assist you in better class and track goods.

Easy Inventory Management

QR code and the barcode is an important technology implementation for goods storage and data management and it is easier to handle.

Easy Identification

QR Code and bar code Scanner is a very useful tool that helps you to identify your particular goods or data.

Reduce Human Errors

If you would like to manage huge goods and data, you must use our qr code or barcode solution because the QR Code and barcode reduce human error.

Our Barcode Solution For


It reduces data entry errors. The bar code scanning procedure is reliable and fast. It’s improved than doing it manually. It reduces human error. Through bar codes, inventory management into better as they are faster and more precise in an attempt to calculate the quantity and also find the location. It is fast inventory management of purchase entry, damage stock entry, return entry, and purchase order.

Through using a bar code, structure lessens employee training time. It is very easy to understand how the bar code inventory management system works.


QR code and Barcode tool help in warehouse management. Stop disquieting about wasting possessions or time that can greatly impact your economic and response time, and confirm your squads stay safe with all the tools they need, fast at hand. ITEMS like pulling orders, receiving, and putting up a record that used to take time, can now be done in minutes through QR code and barcode. Now your job will be informal, and we’ll be able to expand the service provided by the warehouse.


If you are looking for a classification to identify patients throughout their hospital stay or to succeed in your inventory of medicines and storeroom items, collecting and managing samples and specimens, Bar coding can modify a solution to see your requirements. We at Webgion E-Commerce Solutions offer a wide range of bar code and QR code scanning & printing equipment and it is integrated with inventory control, medical data management, and warehouse management software.